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Tonight: Debate on How Robotics Will Reshape Our Lives

We are fully sold out for the debate tonight which I am co-organising in association with the British Science Association’s Scotland branch and hosted by the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics [official announcement].

More information and the programme can be found here.

Press Coverage:

free2go for car2go now on Android

free2go for car2go is now available on Android.

free2go let’s you easily identify nearby cars with low fuel on the car2go network. car2go credits 20 minutes of free driving for stopping at a gas station and re-fuelling using the credit card in the car.

free2go for car2go – Android Apps on Google Play

free2go for car2go is also available for iPhone and iPad.

Gift a Tree For Christmas & Hanukkah

Gift a Tree Today!

Gift a Tree Today!

KB Shuttle Bus for iPhone 2.0 released

I have released version 2.0 of the popular KB Shuttle Bus for iPhone app with unique features such as Reminders and Location Awareness.

New features:

  • Location Awareness: Automatically retrieve the departure times at the bus stop closest to you.
  • Reminders: Swipe left to set a reminder for 10min prior to departure – never forget & come to late and miss a bus!
  • Automatic Refresh: Updates the departures and times automatically!
  • Pull to Refresh